Round 1 - I'm going with Ely Sharkey.  He impressed me last month at the Ada Invitational when he beat out Lance Brittan.  “Superman” Schell Apple took a bad hooking in Lewiston and I think that will be his kryptonite this week.  Greer has looked sharp lately, but I'm still gonna gamble on the rookie.


Round 2 -  I gotta go with Lance Brittan.  Zach Arthur is too inconsistent. I have heard good things about Dayton Spiel from the BFO Super-Camp this week, but Lance was pretty mad after his loss in Lewiston and I expect him to be on a tour for revenge this week.


Round 3 -   I'm taking Tuck.  I just watched him slay SPITFIRE, one of the greatest fighting bulls ever, last week.  Nuff said!


Round 4 -  I'm gonna take another long shot on this one.  Weston didn't look great last week.  I think his hamstring is still bothering him.  That said I'm picking Tanner Zarnetski although I think he is gonna have to pull off  some new big tricks we don't normally see from him to not end up in second place.


Round 5 - I'm going with the guts and try of Toby Inman.  Beau got pushed around a lot in Lewiston. I think Toby can take another hookin and still beat Beau and Jon.


Overall - I gotta pick Ol’ Tuck again to win the Cavender’s Cup.  It’s tough to do two weeks in a row, but Tuckness is out to prove that he’s good enough to go to only half as many events as Weston Rutkowski, and still be the BFO World Champion.  He IS that good and Weston knows it.