Bullfighters Only Shorts

Crafted from sturdy polyester material, Bullfighters Only offers lightweight and durable shorts that will stand up to the to the test in the arena. Our shorts feature an internal pocket (fits iPhone 6) and drawstring waist. They are made to the same specs as other popular bullfighting shorts to make sizing easier.


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Bullfighters Only Suspenders


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MO BETTA Bullfighter Shirt - Pick your color

The Mo Betta 3/4 length Sleeve bullfighting shirts have become popular among bullfighters and they are the perfect compliment to baggies. The pattern was designed for fit and comfort with the help of BFO bullfighter, Dusty Tuckness.

Every MoBetta shirt is unique and original so only a few of each fabric are ever made. Each one is handmade and hand sewn and may take up to 4 weeks depending on availability. Shirts prints will vary and are available in Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue, black or white. Please make a note of what colors/print you prefer when ordering! 
*Prints will vary from the example shown.

**Shirts are available with or without Mo Betta Logo**


  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks