BFO launches new digital platform

BFO All Access enables followers to take a closer look at Bullfighters Only


AUSTIN, TX - Bullfighters Only is well known for its innovation in freestyle bullfighting, but now the trailblazing company is taking it another step further.


Welcome to Bullfighters Only All Access: BFO’s new over-the-top digital media platform.


“This is the direction that the world is going,” said Aaron Ferguson, founder and CEO of Bullfighters Only. “Our fans will now have access to endless BFO content, 24/7, in the palm of their hand. It’s an exciting time for the sport, and we are really proud of the way it turned out.”


The new platform brings forward hours upon hours of never-before-seen footage; from the most recent competitions, all the way back to the first sessions. Users can catch up on the action while new content continues to be added regularly.


“You could literally spend days watching bullfights and not see the same one twice,” Ferguson said. “We’ve curated them into special playlists so that you can kick back and just let it roll.”


Whether it’s the extreme nature of freestyle bullfighting or just the way Bullfighters Only produces it, for many, there is an intense attraction to the game. Fans first tuned into videos of “BFO Sessions,” which featured the world’s top bullfighters in a battle to one-up each other with different tricks.


Ferguson said, BFO’s fan base tends to be younger than traditional rodeo audiences. They are just the kind who utilize this type of digital platform.


“There are more and more ‘cord-cutters’ every day, so it only makes sense to take this next step with those users.” 


Bullfighters Only All Access is available now at Users who subscribe using promo code: ALLACCESS will receive 50% off their first month’s subscription.


Bullfighters Only All Access is a revolutionary new platform delivering bullfighting content on demand - anytime, anywhere.  

Hours upon hours of footage from past BFO competitions and Sessions + never-before-seen content