Oder sweeps competition with dominant performance  

Hype man: an individual whose job is to grow the audience’s excitement before a headliner takes the stage.


Brinson James had the sold out crowd on their feet during “Bulls After Dark”, one of the most hyped events of the 2019 Calgary Stampede. It was everything it was amped up to be and the headliner was 22-year-old Colt Oder.


The unique spectacle featured light shows, fire and even a DJ spinning EDM beats, but a 91 point fight from the colourful California native topped it all.


“It was electric. I had a whole section cheering with me right before my fight and that’s something you can’t buy.”


It was the perfect night for Oder to bust his signature move “the barrel” on the roan  bull Leap Frog from Hamsher Fighting Bulls.  FULL STORY...