BFO partners with legendary Auction

Top freestyle bullfighters set to compete in first ever Barrett-Jackson Invitational


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Bullfighters Only is teaming up with Barrett-Jackson Auctions to produce an unprecedented freestyle bullfighting event that will take place at the famed Scottsdale Auction, January 17-19.


“We are very excited to be a part of the legendary Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction,” said BFO’s founder, Aaron Ferguson. “Presenting our sport to new audiences, is what we are all about. The combination of Barrett-Jackson and BFO should prove to be the perfect fit.”


“Barrett-Jackson has become more than just an auction, it is a lifestyle event” noted Craig Jackson CEO and chairman of Barrett-Jackson. “Our team strives to bring something new to the table every year and make the Barrett-Jackson experience even more incredible. We are happy to host Bullfighters Only as they compete in this truly unique and exciting western sport.”


The Bullfighters Only Barrett-Jackson Invitational will feature the top athletes from BFO, showcasing their talents in the ultimate display of man-vs.-beast. The three-day showdown is a testament to each man’s hardy courage, while facing down intensely angry Spanish fighting bulls. READ MORE...

California contractor wins big

Costa, Sid Vicious earn end-of-the-season honors


LAS VEGAS – There were many great Spanish fighting bulls featured during the Bullfighters Only 2018 season, but none were better than the now two-time BFO Fighting Bull of the Year, Sid Vicious.


Aptly named, the small red bull has the perfect attitude for the battlefield. He’s part of the notorious herd from Manuel Costa, who the bullfighters voted as the 2018 BFO Stock Contractor of the Year.


“I think it boiled down to the fact that Manuel has a solid number of bulls you could win on,” said Weston Rutkowski, the reigning three-time world champion from Haskell, Texas. “This year, his were consistently a notch above. They were not only hard to fight, but they were also rewarding to fight.


“Sid Vicious is a bull that stands out and is in a league of his own. I was fortunate to fight him twice this year. The first time, he ended up getting the better of me in the end, but I got a few blows in first. I fought him in Vegas, and he just handed it to me.” READ MORE...

Ward named BFO Rookie of the Year

North Dakotan stands out among talented crop of rookies

LAS VEGAS, NV - Justin Ward of Richardton, N.D., outlasted a fierce group of Development Camp graduates and outsider talent to be named 2018 Bullfighters Only Rookie of the Year.


Ward was a standout at the BFO’s Development Camp in San Bernardino, Calif. in April, and then burst onto the scene with a dominant win at the BFO Tri-Cities Invitational in May. He pocketed $10,000 in his first ever professional event.


“He almost made it look too easy,” commented BFO Production Manager, Luke Kaufman. “It was the who’s-who of bullfighting and no one was even mad they lost. Everyone was just excited about seeing a brand new superstar step out of the shadows.”


With over $17,000 to his credit, he finished 2018 in 7th place in the Pendleton Whisky World Standings. Ward’s stellar performance in the regular season earned him the right to compete in the Roughy Cup and have an automatic bid into the BFO Las Vegas Championship. READ MORE...