Champions are Crowned


2021 BFO World Champion- Weston Rutkowski

2021 BFO World Championships Event Winner- Austin Ashley

2021 Skipper Voss Rookie of the Year- Reynaldo Aguilar

2021 BFO Contractor of the Year- Penthouse Fighting Bulls

2021 Bull of the Year- Hugh Hefner of Penthouse Fighting Bulls



World Championship: Championship Saturday



After a long 10 days, the top 9 athletes moved on to compete in Championship Saturday. 


Weston Rutkowski | Ely Sharkey | Toby Inman | Tyler Mansell | Dylan Idleman | Seth Wilson

Austin Ashley | Alex McWilliams | Reynaldo Aguilar


The theme of Saturday was BULL POWER. The best fighting bulls in the world, brought by Penthouse Fighting Bulls and Manuel Costa Fighting Bulls, were put on display. 


Round 1 featured McWilliams, Sharkey, and Inman. Inman and Sharkey were overmatched but the California kid, Alex McWilliams, was up to the challenge and punched his ticket to the Championship Short Round.


Round 2 featured Ashley, Mansell, and Aguilar. All eyes were on the Cinderella story of Reynaldo Aguilar. The underdog from the International Wild Card Qualifier had made his way onto the Championship stage and would now compete in the fight of his life. Unfortunately for Aguilar, the bull power proved to be too much on this day. Mansell showed up and showed out, but it wasn't enough to oust Ashley. Ashley went punch to punch with Fire Ant of Penthouse Fighting Bulls, moving him into the Championship Short Round. 


Round 3 featured Idleman, Wilson, and Rutkowski. Wilson was knocked out of competition and sent to the hospital by Peekaboo of Penthouse Fighting Bulls. Idleman pulled off the impossible and defeated the World Champion contender, Weston Rutkowski. 


The Championship Short Round was left to McWilliams, Ashley, and Idleman. 

McWilliams faced Big Nasty of Manuel Costa Fighting Bulls in a true demonstration of man versus beast, earning a score of 83.25. Idleman faced Hookem of Penthouse Fighting Bulls. Fighting to survive after a hard hit in the long round before, Idleman once again rose to the occasion and scored an 85. Ashley faced Secret Weapon of Penthouse Fighting Bulls and walked out on top with a score of 86.75. 


Austin Ashley was crowned the winner of the 2021 BFO World Championship and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming years. 


After a long 2021 season, Weston Rutkowski proved you don't have to win the battle to win the war. Rutkowski's regular season earnings edged out Ashley by a mere 1,335 points crowning him the 2021 BFO World Champion and his fourth world title. 


World Championship: Long Rounds


The worlds top 18 bullfighters returned to Las Vegas for the first time in two years to a new home, Resorts World Las Vegas. The 18 athletes would battle it out over 10 days, competing in two long rounds that would determine who went on to compete Saturday, December 11th, based on accumulated points. 


Round 1 | December 3rd

The first round had a tough roster filled with talent that included three World Championship contenders. Ely Sharkey won his round in style while earning the highest marked fight of the day. Weston Rutkowski found himself in a match up with the same bull that knocked him out of the 2020 World Championship race, Gator, of Penthouse Fighting Bulls. Rutkowski took his revenge and won his round. The story of the day though was Tyler Mansell, who defeated a World Champion contender, Beau Schueth. Mansell did the infamous " Mercy Roll" to take home his first BFO World Championship round win.


Round 2 | December 4th

The second round highlighted several upcoming BFO standouts and the resurgence of a veteran. Austin Ashley took a commanding lead in his first Vegas bullfight picking up right where he left off this fall. Seth Wilson faced some tough luck in his round earning himself a refight, but that bad luck didn't last long. Wilson took full advantage of his second opportunity and made the highest marked fight of the weekend, winning his round. The third round win went to none other than the Demo Man, Toby Inman. After a long season of bumps and bruises, Inman made his comeback in Vegas. Between his signature back fake and a jump at the end, Inman won his round and left the statement that the best is yet to come. 


Round 3 | December 9th

After a week off, the 18 athletes returned to action picking up right where they left off. The first half of athletes took to the stage battling Manuel Costa Fighting Bulls. Sharkey returned to the second long round with the same goal in mind, and again left with the round win. Rutkowski came to the second round and reminded everyone why he is a three-time world champion. With a score of 88.5 points, Rutkowski left his second round with the win. Dylan Idleman came hungry after a second place finish in his previous round. Idleman put on a show and topped it off with a jump at the end, leaving him as the round winner. 


Round 4 | December 10th

Toby Inman took home another round win proving that he has made his comeback. Even with a round win, no bullfighter is ever promised a safe escape. During Inman's fight he was clipped and stepped on, leaving his arm severely cut. Even with the injury, Inman still chose to compete and looked forward to fighting in the Championship Round on December 11th. Ryder Rich, a rookie to the BFO, pulled off the impossible by beating out Austin Ashley by a half-point and earning himself the round win. Alex McWilliams, a fighter who has consistently held a top 5 spot in the World Standings, exemplified why he has been a front runner all year, and he left with a score of 88 and the round win. 






Bullfighters Only (BFO) is pleased to officially announce its new partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas.  Since 2015, Vegas crowds have been thrilled with the unmatched adrenaline-pumping action of Bullfighters Only, plus the fun party that accompanies the event.  On Dec. 3-4 and Dec. 9-11 at 1:30PM, the bravest athletes in the world take on the most feared fighting bulls for over $75,000 in cash and the ultimate prize, the title of BFO World Champion.


Eighteen (18) athletes will compete in a tournament–style format trying to earn their way to the Hooey Championship Round.


In an unprecedented commitment to stimulate growth of the sport, BFO is allowing one International Wild Card Qualifier.  Earlier in 2021, BFO held a Development Camp (D-Camp) in Aguascalientes, Mexico.  The top 3 students from that camp will travel to Las Vegas to battle each other on Wednesday, Dec. 1st at the LV Convention Center (Cowboy Christmas) for one coveted spot in the BFO World Championship at Resorts World.


“Vegas has always been a great fit for BFO.  We’ve had some unforgettable moments,” explained CEO Joey Austin.  “This year’s move to Resorts World will allow us to present our show at an incredible new top-of-the-line resort property.  The World Championship is more up-for-grabs than ever been so the drama will be thick.  Plus, we can now provide so many more on-site entertainment options for our fans.”


Along with Bullfighters Only, Resorts World transforms into “Rodeo World” by hosting a number of events, including the daily Hooey Music Jam and nightly NFR Viewing Party hosted by Anthony Lucia.  The Resorts World Breakaway Championship will feature the best female ropers in the world competing for a huge cash prize.  Hall of Fame Breakaway Roper Lari. D. Guy will host her “Rope Like a Girl” morning teaching clinics, plus the Cowboy Select Horse Sale takes place on the final Friday of the NFR.


For BFO World Championship tickets and special BFO Resorts World room rates, CLICK HERE.


For more information on all the “Rodeo World” activities at Resorts World, CLICK HERE.


BFO was founded by bullfighters and is Freestyle Bullfighting's Premier Professional League. BFO features an international roster of elite athletes competing against the meanest fighting bulls for the largest purses in the history of the sport.  BFO is committed to the humane treatment of our extraordinary animal athletes.


BFO Makes History in Mexico


BFO pioneers Beau Schueth and Weston Rutkowski put on the very first BFO Development Camp in Aguascalientes Mexico. BFO partnered with Bullfighters Mexico (BFM) to produce this ground breaking school in Mexico.The two legends of the sport instructed 16 students, teaching them the fundamentals of freestyle bullfighting over the course of 3 days.


As the school went on it was very clear Mexico had some real talent. One student in particular, Julian Rodriguez, stood out amongst the rest earning him the title of MVP at the camp which then earned him a spot in the BFO World Championship this December in Las Vegas, NV. 


When they were not instructing, Beau and Weston were chauffeured around Aguascalientes throughout the week  and learned about the rich bullfighting culture the city held.


BFO and BFM have made history in Mexico and will be planning multiple schools in the future thus expanding the opportunities of freestyle bullfighting on an international level. 



Schueth Strikes Again


Beau Schueth stunned a record crowd in Fortuna, California on Friday, July 16th, taking home the coveted Sequoia Cup trophy. 


Schueth topped a talented field of 12 BFO invitees and dominated the event from start to finish. Schueth went 82 in the long round to then beat out Alex McWilliams, Weston Rutkowski, and Bryce Redo in the Championship Round. 


Schueths victory wasn’t the only thing to celebrate in Fortuna. The rodeo celebrated it's Centennial year with a record-attendance almost doubling its past record. 


The Rookies Take Over Reno Rodeo


In his Reno Rodeo Rookie debut, Austin Ashley bests many BFO legends to take home the Reno Rodeo title. 

Round 1 of the bullfights was survival of the fittest. Beau Schueth proved he was up to the challenge beating Ely Sharkey by one point and moving on to the Championship Round. 

Round 2 was filled with injuries and triumphs. Aaron Mercer and Alex McWilliams were both injured and ended their fights with a No Score. Austin Ashley however had an incredible 85 point fight and took home the round win!

Round 3 was “Rookie vs. BFO Legends,” where the underdog took down two Goliaths. Conner Larrivee, the BFO D-Camp recruit, put up the highest marked bullfight of the week with an 87 point fight while his opponents, Weston Rutkowski and Toby Inman, failed to rise to the occasion. 

The Short Round roster was left with two rookies and BFO sensation, Beau Schueth. Larrivee started off the Short Round with a 80.5 point fight but was injured at the very end of the fight, leaving him with a shattered knee cap. Austin Ashley followed Larrivee’s fight with a flawless 88.5 point fight. Schueth was the last guy of the night and was unable to match Ashley’s fight. Schueth scored an 86 and took home 2nd.


Round 1:
Dillon Idleman- 75 pts

Ely Sharkey- 80 pts

Beau Schueth- 81 pts


Round 2:

Austin Ashley- 85 pts

Alex McWilliams-NS

Aaron Mercer- NS


Round 3:

Weston Rutkowski-73pts

Conner Larrivee-87pts

Toby Inman- 72pts


Championship Round:

Conner Larrivee- 80.5pts

Austin Ashley-88.5pts

Beau Schueth- 86pts



You may not have recognized your favorite bullfighter at the recent BFO in Athens, TX.  Beau Schueth, Toby Inman, Ely Sharkey, Weston Rutkowski and Aaron Mercer (Pictured L-R) ditched their own trademark styles to honor a BFO Pioneer recently lost to an ATV accident, the "Alabama Slamma" Ross Hill.  For one night, these BFO stars donned white shirts and red bandanas as a tribute to one of the most captivating personalities the sport has ever known.


3x BFO World Champion and the rest of the rodeo world poured out their condolences and memories of Ross.  Weston lamented, "I learned what it took to be at the top of my game [from Ross].  He was an innovator of the sport, motivator to anyone and everyone that would listen, counselor to the younger generation, and role model to everyone who was afraid to be themselves.  I love you and will miss you.  You will never be forgotten."


As the BFO hits our next tour stop in Reno, NV June 22-25, rest assured Ross Hill's memory will continue to be a source of inspiration for these athletes.


Athens, TX Results:


Friday Night:


1. Aaron Mercer - 89 pts

1. Weston Rutkoswki - 89 pts

3. Beau Schueth - 84 pts

4. Ely Sharkey - 80 pts

5. Toby Inman - 73 pts


Saturday Night:


1. Aaron Mercer - 88 pts

1. Beau Schueth - 88 pts

3. Weston Rutkowski - 83 pts

4. Ely Sharkey - 82 pts

5. Toby Inman - 73 pts


Average Payout:


1. Aaron Mercer - $2,500

2/3. Weston Rutkowski - $1,375

2/3. Beau Schueth - $1,375

4. Ely Sharkey - $500

5. Toby Inman - $250




About Bullfighters Only: BFO was founded by bullfighters and is Freestyle Bullfighting's Premier Professional League. BFO features an international roster of elite athletes competing against the meanest fighting bulls for the largest purses in the history of the sport.


BFO Partners: Cavender’s, Pendleton Whisky, Hooey Brands, Flexfit, Rock and Roll Denim, W-W and Gold Buckle Beer.




The Cowboy Channel will broadcast BFO's first major event of 2021 on Sunday, February 28th at 7:30PM CST.  To find the Cowboy Channel in your area, check HERE.  You can also watch all the action on the Cowboy Channel Plus app.


The Cowboy Channel will continue to broadcast BFO Tour events throughout 2021.  Stay tuned for our updated schedule!



About Bullfighters Only: BFO was founded by bullfighters and is Freestyle Bullfighting's Premier Professional League. BFO features an international roster of elite athletes competing against the meanest fighting bulls for the largest purses in the history of the sport.


BFO Partners: Cavender’s, Pendleton Whisky, Hooey Brands, Flexfit, Rock and Roll Denim, W-W and Gold Buckle Beer.





FORT WORTH, TX - After hosting the wildly successful BFO World Championship in December, the gladiators of BFO are set to return to the Fort Worth Stockyards for an electric night on Saturday February 20th.



Scheduled to compete: Reigning 2-time BFO World Champion Aaron Mercer, 3-time BFO World Champion Weston Rutkowski, “Silent Assassin” Beau Schueth, Toby “Demo Man’ Inman, Alex McWilliams, Dylan Idleman, Dekevis “Air” Jordan, Ely Sharkey, Austin Ashley, Seth Wilson, Ben Walton and Justin Ward.

To make the night even more special, BFO is adding music!  The incomparable Red Shahan hits the stage at approximately 9:30PM to keep the party going until 1AM.


Tickets start at $25.  VIP Options include pre-show tour and meet-n-greet.  Buy your tickets HERE.



About Bullfighters Only: BFO was founded by bullfighters and is Freestyle Bullfighting's Premier Professional League. BFO features an international roster of elite athletes competing against the meanest fighting bulls for the largest purses in the history of the sport.


BFO Partners: Cavender’s, Pendleton Whisky, Hooey Brands, Flexfit, Rock and Roll Denim, W-W and Gold Buckle Beer.