Mercer off to a fast start

Canadian sits 4th in BFO heading into Charlotte Motor Speedway event


CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Exactly one-year ago, Aaron Mercer stepped into the freestyle bullfighting arena for the first time ever.


Now, he is the No. 4-ranked man in the Bullfighters Only Pendleton Whisky World Standings and has proven to be a quick study of the sport. Since the first of May, he has two wins (in Las Vegas, NV & Redding, CA) and two second-place finishes (in Woodward, OK, and Kennewick, WA).


“A lot of people say if you don’t win, you’re the first loser, but I don’t look at it that way,” said Mercer, 26, of Calgary, Alberta. “This is so new to me, making short rounds at these deals is crazy for me.


“I had only stepped around nine fighting bulls when I went down to the (United) States. I’d been watching guys on videos … Justin Josey, Toby Inman and Colt Oder, and those guys are so rank. To be able to make the short round with them is just crazy. I never thought I’d be doing it.”


Mercer has pocketed more than $13,500 to assume his spot among the top five bullfighters in the BFO. He will have that momentum with him when he competes at Charlotte Motor Speedway as BFO joins the race-day experience for the Coco-Cola 600 on Sunday, May 26. FULL STORY...