Nebraskan earns pair of BFO victories to move up standings


ANAHEIM, Calif. - Traveling seems to get the better of veteran bullfighter Beau Schueth, but he didn’t show it last weekend. He came away with a lot of miles and a couple championships under his belt, and he’s thankful for the opportunities that had arisen. That’s what he loves about being a freestyle bullfighter. 


“I feel really good,” said Schueth, who won the Bullfighters Only Wrangler Bullfight Tour stop in Ellensburg, Washington, last Friday, then followed it up with a victory at the BFO Pepe Aguilar Tour stop in Anaheim, California. “I got through the summer with some bumps and bruises, but I feel really good about having a couple weeks off. 


“I’m going to get back to the gym and work out to get my cardio back up a little more so when the stand-alone events come along, hopefully I can set myself up to be in good position going into Las Vegas.”   FULL STORY...


Wyoming man weathers oncoming hurricane of BFO stars in Ocala


OCALA, Fla. – As Hurricane Dorian rocked the Atlantic Ocean and made a beeline for the Florida coast, a dozen of the top men in Bullfighters Only held their ground. 


No storm was going to darken the Bullfighters Only Ocala Cup in the central Florida community of nearly 60,000. This was a chance to prove the amazing showcase that is a BFO stand-alone event. 


“The crowd was really into it,” said Trenton Ross, who earned his first BFO title in Ocala. “It was really energetic, and it was really cool in that town.”   FULL STORY...