Inman outlasts Moorman

BFO veteran takes top prize at Barrett-Jackson Invitational, wows new fans


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – When Toby Inman looked to his right, he saw a young man half his age.

Inman is a veteran freestyle bullfighter, and Chance Moorman is less than a year into his career. Both were in the mix for the championship during the Bullfighters Only Barrett-Jackson Invitational this past weekend at Barrett-Jackson’s famed Scottsdale Auction.


“I joked around with him that he wasn’t supposed to be this good already,” Inman said of Moorman, just 18 years old from Lytle, Texas. “But he is, and he just goes out there and does it. It’s a good thing, and it shows it’s not just the veterans stepping up and doing some tricks.”


That’s true, but the veteran Inman walked away from Scottsdale with the victory and the $10,000 top prize to take the early lead in the 2019 Bullfighters Only Pendleton Whisky World Standings. He finished with a three-fight cumulative score of 259 points, just half a point better than Moorman. READ MORE...

BFO is raging in to 2019

Top bullfighters in the mix at inaugural Barrett-Jackson Invitational


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The pounding hooves of a Spanish fighting bull can sound like thunder. It can be breathtaking and devastating at a moment’s notice.


This is the Bullfighters Only Barrett-Jackson Invitational, which takes place in conjunction with the famed Scottsdale Auction. The fiercest bulls and the most talented freestyle bullfighters in the game will match their skills together at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 17-Saturday, Jan. 19, at the WestWorld Equidome in Scottsdale.


“The people in Scottsdale should expect to see the most action-packed sport they’ve ever seen,” said Weston Rutkowski, the three-time reigning world champion from Haskell, Texas. “You’ve got the best bulls and the best bullfighters in the country. When you put those two together, you’re going to see the best show around.” READ MORE...