Canadian scores big in Fort Worth victory; Moorman wins Speedway Series


FORT WORTH, TX – The Speedway Series Finale at Texas Motor Speedway was the perfect synopsis to the 2019 Bullfighters Only regular season. 


There were some outstanding bouts by the top men in freestyle, but Aaron Mercer dominated the 12-man event and pocketed $5,000 in the process to extend his lead in the BFO Pendleton Whisky World Standings.


He posted the two highest-marked bullfights of the day to claim the championship, pushing his season earnings to $61,350.


“Winning 11 events this year makes a guy feel on top of the world,” said Mercer of Calgary, Alberta. “It stresses you out a little bit, because you feel like you’ve got to stay on top, but it feels good in the way it worked out.


“That was my favorite win of the year. It was two good, fundamental bullfights. I don’t think I could have asked for a better way to end the season. Winning one of those Speedway Series events is cool; just being part of a NASCAR atmosphere is awesome.”  FULL STORY...