Reigning BFO World Champion's sights are set on new season


LAS VEGAS – Only a year ago, Aaron Mercer was in the feeling out stages of his freestyle bullfighting career. 


My, how things have changed. Since he burst onto the scene in April, Mercer has been a dominant force and recently wrapped up the 2019 campaign by claiming the specially designed BFO World Champion title belt. 


It didn’t come easy. To make it that far in such a short timespan, Mercer harnessed an incredible amount of athletic ability. He mixed it with intensified training at BFO Development Camp in Georgia and a lot of hard work, and it paid off to the tune of $121,350 in annual earnings. 


“I remember going to Chad Ellison’s for D-Camp feeling so out of place,” said Mercer of Calgary, Alberta. “I didn’t even think they liked me, because I was just a yappy Canadian. Then I went to Ada (Oklahoma), and they realized they had to deal with me. 


“I just kept progressing, kept working hard at it. I had lots of people pushing me, and that’s what makes the BFO so great. In every bullfight, I just wanted to do better.” 


He was quickly accepted into the strong core of combatants, men who cheer on their opponents while also trying to outscore them. The camaraderie in freestyle bullfighting is unmatched, and Mercer felt that right away.  FULL STORY...


Renowned barrelman recognized in Vegas for protecting bullfighters


LAS VEGAS – Barrelman Andy North is the most respected man in Bullfighters Only, and that respect comes from the men he protects. 


“Andy is a man who has perfected his craft,” said Aaron Mercer, the 2019 BFO World Champion from Calgary, Alberta. “He reads cattle and reads the situation, and he’ll move when the bull makes the move to put a guy in a bad position. All of a sudden, he is there and saves your ass. 


“He’s a man with a purpose. When he speaks, you listen.” 


North is more than a man in a barrel, an enticing target for Spanish fighting bulls to hit. No, North is part bullfighter, part man in the can. He’s done both for years, and he can read the bulls as well as, if not better than, the men he’s there to protect. 


During the BFO’s year-end championship in Las Vegas, North took part in his 1,000th BFO bullfight, a milestone that may never be matched unless he’s the one who does it. It’s a telling tale about his passion for the game while seeing – and feeling – the action up close and personal.   FULL STORY...