Inman returns to bullfighting


After a five-year hiatus, Illinois man will test his skills against
Bullfighters Only’s best


KENNEWICK, Wash. – It’s been five years since Toby Inman looked into the eyes of a bull.

He returns to competition this Friday for the Bullfighters Only tour event that will take place in conjunction with the Benton County Fair and Rodeo in Kennewick. Read More...



Zach Call

Justin Josey

Toby Inman 

 A birthday bash in Bremerton


Young bullfighter to celebrate his 21st during BFO stop at

Kitsap County Fair, Stampede  



BREMERTON, Wash. – For many young people, a 21st birthday is cause for celebration and for an outrageous party.

Schell Apple isn’t like most people his age. He plans to celebrate a few days early by standing toe-to-toe with a fighting bull during the Bullfighters Only tour stop Friday held in conjunction with the Kitsap County Fair & Stampede in Bremerton. Read More...




Shell Apple

Cody Webster

Ross Hill